Senior Data Engineer

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Job Detail

Job Type
:  Full Time
Job Function
:  Data Analyst
:  Manager / Senior Manager / Department Head
:  Bachelor Degree - S1

​​​​​​, Indonesia’s largest crowdfunding platform for social and personal causes is seeking a data leader to set up and kickstart our Business Intelligence team. You will build a fintech product that impact millions of lives.

Be part of team that responsible in building, deploying, and monitoring our data architectures such as databases and data pipelines.

As part of the Business Intelligence team, your goal is to ensure that the Kitabisa team has ready access to quality reports, dashboards and data to facilitate business decision making to their best capabilities.


  1. Develop a strong understanding of Kitabisa data warehouse and pipeline in order to provide the right data to business users
  2. Build reports, ad-hoc queries and dashboards as needed by high level management in order to monitor business health and seek new opportunity to further grow our business
  3. Build internal tools and automated process to reduce time spent by the team to solve ad-hoc requests
  4. Be a trusted business advisor in terms of how to use data in the most effective manner to solve problems, and not just being reactive to requests
  5. Contribute to the learning and development of the BI team. Continuous learning is a requirement within the team--we have to always be growing
  1. Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Information Technology

  2. 3 years or more experience performing data warehouse logical modeling and architecture designing. Preferably having past experience in telecommunication corporation.

  3. Familiar with big data technologies and expert in SQL of all flavors: BigQuery, PostgreSQL, MySQL

  4. Strong team player and collaborator

  5. Having high level of responsibility and resilience in dealing with issues

  6. Preferably familiar with big data infrastructure (such as Kafka, Spark, etc.), cloud-based infrastructure, varying databases, security concerns would be an advantage.

  7. Experience working with data infrastructure will be valuable, but your desire to learn data infrastructure is more important.

  8. Having systems operational experience is a bonus, but not required.

  9. Understands the concepts related to data warehousing, software integration tools and business intelligence.

  10. Experience with installation, configuration and stabilization of medium- to large-scale ETL systems.

  11. Have ETL experience with complicated coding and maintenance in any ETL tools.

  12. Having fundamental knowledge about data modeling, data infrastructure and data governance.

  13. Experience in one or more programming language, including but not limited to Java, Scala, Python.

  14. Having fundamental knowledge about RDBMS (index, partition, shard, etc).

  1. AIA insurance
  2. BPJS Kesehatan & Ketenagakerjaan
  3. Free Breakfast & Fruit Everyday
  4. Allowance for training, workshops, conferences & anything to keep you leveling up
Skills Requirements
data analyticsdatabasetableauRpythondata engineer
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  1. Describe how you plan to build the BI team for Kitabisa *